Thursday, June 9, 2011

How To {Freeze Cookie Dough}


I only wish I would have thought of this method sooner! It's perfect for keeping the cookie jar filled with freshly-baked cookies, without forcing you to eat a dozen every day. :) (Not that I have experience with this!)

How to Freeze Cookie Dough

completed batter for your favorite cookie (chocolate chip, lemon sugar, snickerdoodles, etc)
cookie sheets
air tight freezer containers

Once your cookie dough is completed, scoop dough onto a cookie sheet as you usually would if you were going to bake them. Roll each scoop in the palms of your hands to create a perfectly round ball. If the cookie is to be rolled in sugar or cinnamon-sugar, complete that step at this point. Place the round dough balls on a cookie sheet 1/2 to 1 inch apart. Place the cookie sheet(s) in the freezer, under covered for 1 to 2 hours, or until balls are thoroughly frozen. Transfer dough balls to an airtight, freezer proof container and store up to 3 months. 

When it's time to bake preheat the oven to the temperature the recipe indicates. Arrange desired number of frozen dough balls on a cookie sheet 1-2 inches apart. Bake for the prescribed time, adding 1-3 minutes to the end of the baking time, if necessary. Cool as usual. 



  1. Excellent Idea!! Totally going to do this!

  2. We do this all the time! It's great to have fresh cookies and enjoy them while they are fresh rather than eat almost "stale" ones a few days later.

    This also makes an excellent gift for a new mom. Having a freezer bag filled with cookie dough is perfect -- they can pop some in the oven when they have visitors and can make 1-2 just for a treat.

  3. This is a great tip! I guess now I won't have an excuse for eating 2 dozen cookies in 2 days anymore...

  4. I've frozen cookie dough before - but never in the pre-proportioned balls. GREAT idea :O)

  5. I really like these tips … thanks