Welcome! I'm so glad you stopped by Adorkable Recipes. I hope you can find a bit of inspiration and a lot of culinary success alongside me as I master the art of home cooking!

I really love working in the kitchen, watching culinary shows to learn new skills and techniques and ingredients, searching fellow foodie blogs for great ideas, and reading through cookbooks. Yes. Literally.

If you're wondering who the girl in the kitchen really is, then check out The Adorkable Life @ kevinandmel.com.

I am a follower of Christ, a lover of my husband, a maker of home, a leader of youth, a reader of books, a baker of goods, a drinker of tea, a runner of parks, a player of piano, and a singer of songs. 

My name is Melanie, and I was born and raised in Northeastern Ohio—in a town that borders the shores of Lake Erie and whose only claim to fame is an extravagant number of covered bridges. My parents loved the Lord and instilled that same faith in my younger sister and me. My love for Christ deepened as I grew older, and eventually I found myself at Spring Arbor University pursing a degree in Philosophy/Religion. On the first day of my college career, I became fast friends with a boy named Kevin, and before I knew it, I had fallen deeply in love with him. 

To this day he makes me laugh hysterically, he is faithful, he listens, he always protects me, he proudly proclaims his love for me, and he never seems to run out of forgiveness. In many ways, my husband is my living example of the love of Christ Jesus. I am so thankful we said “I do” on May 24th, 2008, just one week after college graduation.

Our life since that day has been a bit of a roller coaster as we follow the path God has drawn out before us. It has been nearly three years since we were called into youth ministry, and we are both so passionate about our work with teens.

On the rare occasion we're not with our teens or talking about our ministry, we enjoy reading Lord of the Rings, listening to and making awesome music, playing with our two kitties, watching long marathons of The Office or Friends or LOST, and taking long walks while dreaming about our future. 


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