Friday, July 30, 2010

To Do List: Link Love 2.5

I think I might as well just copy every post of Annie's from this last week.
She's brilliant.
And always seems to know exactly what I want to make.
Like these Turkey Burgers (YUM!)
or this Berry Crostata (beautiful!)
or this Strawberry Ice Cream--the last in her July Ice Cream Month Series (sad day, but so, so amazing!)

I'm pretty sure these Peanut Butter and Nutella cookies from Bell 'Alimento are a MUST.
So so so simple.
So enticing.
I can't wait.

One Bowl Chocolate Mocha Cream Cake?
Yes, pleeeease.

And in case I'm feeling adventurous,
and maybe a little pretentious,
not to mention in the mood to eat something not loaded with sugar. (WHAT?!)
Joy's Parmesan Crackers.

And now back to ice cream.
And cookies.
Ice cream cookies!
Thank you, Brown Eyed Baker.

Ohhhhh, but this bread, oohhhh, it looks so amazing.
And quite simple--ingredient wise.
I'm so glad it was posted on Simply Recipes.
Can't wait to try it!
Anadama Bread.

And....last but not least...
mostly out of curiosity,
I need to check out these Whoopie Pies.
Because, who would name a cookie "whoopie"
and because my pastor seems to think they're the best ever.

...ok, I last thing...
a really healthy,
really frugal tip from 5 Dollar Dinner Mom.
Freezing homegrown herbs.

And what will I use those fresh herbs for?
Everything most likely...
but these ideas for pesto are particularly appealing to me at the moment.
I can't wait to start my own herb garden!

Friday, July 9, 2010

To Do List [Link Love 2.3]

Annie, you're killing me. This peanut butter cup ice cream looks perfect for me. 
In fact, I couldn't dream of much more. 
Just you wait, moment-when-I-have-full-time-use-of-my-amazing-kitchen. 
You, me and this ice cream are going to happen. 

And on a different, yet also delicious note, I think I'm going to have to try making Homemade Ranch Dressing.
Simple ingredients. 

This Pancake--this single, glorious pancake--is a must. 
Because, let's face it. 
I LOVE pancakes

I've always (well, since I knew what the heck it was) wanted to try Gazpacho
This cool, fresh veggie soup. 
And this White Gazpacho looks strange. 
Or at least the ingredients do. 
But I'm just curious enough to want to try it.

Have you tried the Pretzel M&Ms yet?
If you love sweet and salty you will love these. 
More specifically if pretzels and M&Ms are one of your favorite snacks,
you will love these.
And even better than the pretzel M&Ms alone?

And speaking of blondies, who would have thought of Snickerdoodle Blondies?

I close with a classic recipe. 
That I have not yet made.
So simple.
So perfect.
I am almost angry with myself for putting this recipe off for so long! 
I mean, come on.

Thursday, July 1, 2010

To Do List [link love]

To go along with the Tandoori Chicken recipe I shared about, is this amazing looking version of Indian Style Rice.
I used to despise rice.
Can you believe it?
How can someone not like rice?!
But I think it may have had something to do with the lack of flavor
and my lack of creativity.
Rice experiments, here I come.

Chocolate chip cookie dough balls?
Umm, yes please.
And thank you, Joy.

Again with the chocolate chocolate chocolate.
And ice cream.
another match made in dessert heaven.
King Arthur's recipe blog posted this Chocolate Ice Cream Cake.
I believe this needs to happen.

This Grilled Pizza post over at Annie's Eats looks amazing.
I, too, have fears of breaking my pizza stone.
Or burning the pizza I slaved over.
Or seeing the cheese melt into the charcoal.
But I've never had a recipe of Annie's fail for me, so I need to give it a try!

And just because I was in awe of her party throwing brilliance,
I didn't want you to miss out on Annie's post about her son's 2nd birthday.
Are you kidding me?
She makes everything look so classy.
And so fun.
Yet somehow attainable.
I really think I could pull that off.
Though I might not have the imagination to come up with it on my own. :)
Maybe whenever my future child turns 2 I'll throw a Dr. Seuss party just like that.
Or maybe I'll get creative and come up with my own perfectly executed theme.