Monday, April 20, 2009


Last week, I mentioned combining my recipes with my main blog and not keeping up on this recipe blog.  I received a comment concerning this change that preferred I keep this blog going--for a centralized recipe station.  I think I shall keep this blog filling with recipes, as well as post pics and possibly the recipes on my main blog so those readers don't miss out on the gloriousness that is HERE. :)  

What do you all think?

ps.  don't miss out on the chewy brownies and the amazing oatmeal pancakes (below)!


  1. I definitely prefer the two separate simply because it is exactly like a recipe book. Plus, the labeling system is easy to use on here - would it be the same on your main?

  2. thanks for you thoughts. I think if I put recipes on my main blog that I will also put the labels, but I'm definitely leaning towards keeping the two separate. :)

  3. I vote separate. I really like having your blog to go to when I need recipe ideas, and the labels make it oh-so-convenient to find what I'm looking for!