Thursday, July 1, 2010

To Do List [link love]

To go along with the Tandoori Chicken recipe I shared about, is this amazing looking version of Indian Style Rice.
I used to despise rice.
Can you believe it?
How can someone not like rice?!
But I think it may have had something to do with the lack of flavor
and my lack of creativity.
Rice experiments, here I come.

Chocolate chip cookie dough balls?
Umm, yes please.
And thank you, Joy.

Again with the chocolate chocolate chocolate.
And ice cream.
another match made in dessert heaven.
King Arthur's recipe blog posted this Chocolate Ice Cream Cake.
I believe this needs to happen.

This Grilled Pizza post over at Annie's Eats looks amazing.
I, too, have fears of breaking my pizza stone.
Or burning the pizza I slaved over.
Or seeing the cheese melt into the charcoal.
But I've never had a recipe of Annie's fail for me, so I need to give it a try!

And just because I was in awe of her party throwing brilliance,
I didn't want you to miss out on Annie's post about her son's 2nd birthday.
Are you kidding me?
She makes everything look so classy.
And so fun.
Yet somehow attainable.
I really think I could pull that off.
Though I might not have the imagination to come up with it on my own. :)
Maybe whenever my future child turns 2 I'll throw a Dr. Seuss party just like that.
Or maybe I'll get creative and come up with my own perfectly executed theme.


  1. The Chocolate Chip Cookie Balls - I love Joy for this reason. Those things are sooooo goooood!

  2. Can I be there when you make the Chocolate Chip Cookie Balls????????