Thursday, June 24, 2010

On Pros and Cons and the Lack of My Stand Mixer

One of the saddest aspects of being at camp for the summer is not being able to cook all summer.
To indulge in massive amounts of fruits and vegetables.
To make jars and jars of salsa and strawberry jam.
And attempt to grow a garden of my own.

There simply is no time.
And no kitchen.
Which means no KitchenAid Stand Mixer to mix up batches of chocolate chip cookies just because I have a sweet tooth.
This is all sad.
And what's worse, I have no new goodness to post to THIS delicious blog of mine.
I wish I did.
And maybe if I was super motivated I would find the time for such illustrious dreams to come true.

But until September (or until I find a moment of inspiration to make something new),
this page will be lonely.
So I hope you will come visit--
maybe to find a past recipe.
OR to leave me suggestions on future kitchen experiments.
You should definitely leave me lots of ideas!

In the meantime, you could read the other pros and cons of a camp summer.
Or any other of my wildly intriguing and totally informative blog posts.
That too.


  1. Sadly, we aren't making batches of strawberry jam-or anything else-because the chipmunks have eaten every.single.strawberry on our plants! We're pretty distraught over it.

    We are looking forward to other goodies from our garden-maybe even salsa this year (except my best friend usually does that and keeps us supplied so I don't bother).

    As for treats when your sweet tooth strikes-do you have access to a microwave, at least? When we remodeled our kitchen and needed treats for the Amish workers who came, we tried this recipe:

    It was quick, easy, and good. And I could make it without my regular kitchen. Maybe you can too?

    Enjoy your summer at camp!

  2. You could write about the things you dream of making...ideas you come up with that you could make when you get back.... you could write about the camp food you eat.