Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Weekly Shopping: May 10th

As previously promised I am sharing my weekly grocery shopping experience with you lovely folk.  
I typically check Meijer's sale ads first. 
If the sale items aren't what I'm in need of, then I just pass on that stop for the week. 
(Note, Meijer's sales are great! but their regular prices can easily be beat by Walmart. I prefer to avoid both when possible, because Aldi and Ciolino's Market trump all.)

Today I stopped at Aldi and then hit Ciolino for their new "Stupid Tuesday" sale.
Yes, that's what they're calling it.
Because the prices are stupidly low.
And they really are. 
Check out my purchases this week! 

1 gallon skim milk  $1.75
5lb all purpose flour  $1.39 (x2)
1 (14oz) can whole kernel corn $0.49 (x2)
1 dozen large eggs $0.89 (x2)
12 oz bag chocolate chips $1.69 (x2)
12 oz bag frozen broccoli $1.19

Total: $11.86

Ciolino: Fruit and Vegetable Market
1 dozen large eggs $0.66 (x2)
5 pack fresh garlic $0.98
3lb bag apples $0.98 
bananas $0.58 (1.75 lb at $0.79/lb) 
fresh broccoli $0.70 (0.79lb at $0.89/lb)
vine tomatoes $1.44 (1.94lb at $0.74/lb)
green peppers $0.50 (2 at $0.25 per pepper)
10 lbs Idaho potatoes $1.29
1lb strawberries $1.00

Total: $8.79

Final Total: $20.65

A few notes:
I bought 2 dozen eggs at Aldi AND 2 dozen eggs at Ciolino because I didn't realize Ciolino had such a great sale going on and because I just can't pass up a great deal on something I know I'll use. Between all of my baking and the daily meal consumption of eggs in various forms, we will use them all. I wonder how many eggs we'll go through when we have a bunch a little ones running around? eek! 

About eggs--they're amazing. I have recently fallen in love with them in a new way. I have one over easy alongside a slice of toast for breakfast every morning.  The protein, fat and carbs are a perfect start to the day and helps me stay full until lunch.  

Another thing about eggs--don't pay too close attention to the expiration date on eggs. They should last a pretty good long while after that date. BUT to be certain crack them open in a separate bowl to be sure they look and smell satisfactory before dumping them into your favorite batch of cookies. 

The broccoli was doubled on today's shopping trip as well. But again, that's ok. The frozen broccoli is always useful--the perfect side dish or a great potato topper or lovely to through into soup. I couldn't pass on the price of the fresh broccoli. I love eating fresh broccoli. It's a great snack. Perfect for dipping in hummus too! 

THREE pounds of apples for $0.89!! That's insane. I would have bought loads and loads, but I already have a drawer full. But seriously--$0.29 a pound!! Go crazy. And if you don't love apples already you should learn to love apples. They're useful for snacking, baking, saucing, cooking, and more. And there are SO many varieties you're likely to find at least one type you like.  I'm a fan of granny smith, golden delicious, jona gold, braeburn and many more. 

Potatoes are another great item to stock up on. If you get a lovely fresh bag (without blemish or growth sprouts or and squishy-ness) they should last for weeks in a cool dark place. (Not the fridge!) Potatoes are perfect when you don't know what else to eat. They can be baked, mashed, boiled; made into wedges, fries, salads, or soups. 

What did YOU buy on this week's shopping trip?! 


  1. This is so cool! I need lessons from you. Lol. I don't live on my own yet but I think when I do, I might starve.

  2. It's unhealthy to consume more than three whole eggs per person, per week. I just read that this week, and there was a good reason for it, but beside cholesterol, I can't remember why . . .

  3. Really good tips, but I never see those low of prices at my Aldi. Love meijer, but we don't have one in PA. You are so lucky to have one. We always go visit the one when we go to Michigan. Also I really encourage you to switch to unbleached flour and sugar. They are less than a dollar more and so much better for you. Who wants to be eating bleach??? :) Love your blog! Keep up the great work!!!